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Splash Pools, Chemicals & Supplies has been owned and operated by Maurice and Maryanne DeVylder since 1991. Our Goals are keeping our clients happy and their swimming pools and spas healthy. Give us a call for all of your swimming pool and spa needs.

Located at 155 Nelson Street, Wallaceburg Ontario, Splash Pools, Chemicals & Supplies provides an integral service to the community and surrounding areas with regards to old and new swimming pool and spa owners. Our motto is "if we don't have it, we'll get it"

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Insurance Claims


We can work with any insurance company and get your damaged pool back to looking brand new.

Liner Replacement

Liner Replacement

All of our liners are Canadian made from London, Ontario. Each pool is measured specifically to ensure that the liner ordered fits your pool like a glove. Several patterns to choose from for above ground and in ground pools.


New Installs

We install or can offer kits for above ground, on ground or in ground pools specifically designed by the client. Many options and equipment to choose from to make your swimming pool exactly as to how you would like it to be.



If you have a tired old pool, we can take and remake the whole pool look brand new again!

Pool Covers

Pool Covers

Solar blankets and winter covers also are available upon order. We also offer safety covers on special orders... we do all the work and you get to enjoy the results.


Pool Chemicals

We carry a full line of swimming pool and spa chemicals including specialty chemicals to help with enviromental issues and conditions.

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The Benefits Of Having A Pool!

When you contemplate your future, don’t forget to consider getting a swimming pool. Swimming pools give a family endless hours of fun, not to mention letting you know where your kids are!

Pools can enhance a backyard and provide you with that beautiful "staycation". Even small pools can give you visual satisfaction with decking and landscaping. Doing the math, a swimming pool can give you years and years of endless fun, but a vacation can only give you that for one or two week(s).

Swimming pools provide not only family time, but can be therapeutic for exercise and injury recovery. With the right equipment swimming pools can be a great exercise source for physical injuries.

We at Splash Pools make your swimming pool experience enjoyable, low maintenance and at a very low yearly cost. Keeping a simple consistent program makes your years of having a swimming pool to be exactly what it should be... safe, fun and enjoyable.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. Toe the tile line - Residue, dirt, and contaminants form over time and stick along the water line and tile area. Cleaning this area on a weekly basis should reduce the rate at which the pool gets cloudy and dirty since the residue on the tile doesn’t get washed into the pool. Weekly cleaning of this area also reduces calcium buildup. It’s also a good idea to clean the cement or walkways around the pool area to reduce the transference of dirt and grime into the water.
  2. Keep dogs out - Dogs often love to jump in after their owners and play around in the pool, but chlorine isn’t good for canine companions. Not only will the pool irritate Fido’s skin, but the pool will get dirtier and hairier faster. Keeping up with dog hair in the filters may become a full time job in the summer with dogs in the pool. If the family just can’t stand to let the dog wait out the fun on the sidelines, the chlorine levels need to be kept below 3.0 PPM for safety.
  3. Keep a cool pool - Pools cost energy to run and maintain, and keeping a pool above 82 degrees may offer a homeowner a much higher gas bill. Instead of keeping the temperature so high, it’s less expensive to keep a solar cover on the water (only at night time). There are also options for solar-powered pool heaters, which will also save energy.
  4. Track water usage with a bucket - Although environmental factors such as humidity and temperature will impact the rate at which the pool loses water, the average water loss shouldn’t be much more than a quarter of an inch per day. Measuring water loss is easiest by placing a weighted bucket on the stairs and marking the water level on the side of the bucket. Big drops in water levels might signal a leak in the pool.

Tips for opening your swimming pool!

  1. To help make taking the cover off easier, put the garden hose under the winter tarp and start filling the pool, This will help to push the winter cover up and make it easier for lifting the cover off the pool. Start pumping the water off the surface of the winter cover also. For in ground swimming pools using water bags, wait until the cover is free of water and debris before removing the water bags. Once you can remove the water bags and the winter cover, clean the water bags with mild soap and water and if necessary a small amount of bleach to clean the winter soil and possible algae. Rinse the water bags well with clean water and let dry. Do the same with your winter cover whether you have an above ground, on ground or in ground pool. Just make sure that you store the winter cover, water bags, winterizing plugs etc., in a large tote with a locking lid. This way small rodents will not be able to get into the cover and chew holes for nesting material. If your swimming pool has a vinyl winter cover, after cleaning it very well, store the cover again in a lock down lid container that will allow you to submerge the cover in water and algaecide. If your swimming pool has a safety cover, again clean and dry the cover well, and then again store in a large container with a lock down lid that prevents small rodents getting in and chewing the cover for nesting material. As the water is filling the pool…. now would be a great time to clean the winter soil from the deck area and also the bathtub ring on the liner. Using a power washer on the deck will usually do the job of removing the winter soil. For the liner, using a vinyl liner cleaner with a soft scrub brush or sponge will usually take care of that winter soil. Do not use a scratch pad to do this job as this could very well scrub off the pattern on your liner.
  2. Once the water level is back up to approximately ½ the height of the skimmer….make sure that the winterizing plugs are removed from the return jets and the return eyeballs are installed, the gizmo is removed from the skimmer and the skimmer basket put back in. Before starting up the pump and filter, check the system all over and make sure that all the clamps are snug, any lines that were removed or loosened in the fall are reattached so that once the pump and filter are started up you do not have water leaks. Now …. Make sure the filter head handle is in the “filter” position. If the pool water is very dirty put the filter handle to the “recirc” or “whirlpool” position before starting the pump. This will allow you to clean up the water chemically without putting the dirt and algae into the sand in the filter. Once the water is cleaned up then stop the pump, move the filter handle to “filter” then start the pump. Watch the pressure gauge and backwash as necessary. AS A NOTE: If you have an in ground swimming pool and are ready to start the pump and filter, do not be concerned about the anti-freeze in the under ground water lines. By using “plumbers anti-freeze” in the fall, you have used non-toxic anti-freeze and it can be flushed back into the pool in the spring. After you shock the water a couple of times, the anti-freeze will have been oxidized from the water.
  3. After the pool has circulated for at least 12 to 24 hours, take a water test into your pool chemical dealer. Check your test kit and plan on replacing the OTO/PH reagents with new. Take an inventory of chemicals you may have left over from the previous year. If liquids didn’t freeze and powdered material didn’t get wet and freeze, they will probably still be good for this season.
  4. Follow any recommendations from your pool store to get the pool water back into balance.
  5. Keep a good routine of checking the chlorine daily and add as necessary. Also a great habit for great water health is to shock the pool every two weeks in cooler temperatures followed the next morning with a good quality algaecide and then in warmer temperatures do the shock and algaecide weekly.
  6. Get the pool water tested at least once a month, but if the water looks “off” (not sparkling), get the water tested right away. This could save you a lot of money and time, by taking care of a problem before it becomes a real “problem.”
  7. You are now on your way to having a great summer full of fun and healthy clean water!

Our Happy Clients


We had our pool installed the summer of 2013. Working with the knowledgeable team from Splash made things go smoothly! We had a million questions, requests and special instructions, Maryanne had answers for all of them! We have enjoyed the pool for two full summers and could not be happier!

Ron Barnes - Wallaceburg, ON


I have relied upon Splash Pools for several years. I have purchased all of my pool supplies from them. As well, Splash Pools has opened and closed our pool each year. It has been a pleasure to work with Moe and Maryanne and they have always been efficient, professional and accommodating.

Bonnie Crittenden - Dresden, ON